Thoughts on Holy Week 2019

May friends who celebrate Passover have A Zissen Pesach!
May friends who celebrate Easter have A Joyous Easter!

I started meditating on the significance of holidays (Holy Days) in all faiths and religions and was reminded that these are all reminders; formalized celebrations so that from generation to generation we do not forget what they represent.

Both Passover and Easter represent liberation from bondage, freedom from fear and the message that in our respective beliefs, deliverance is offered for those who embrace them.

I believe that all of this starts with each of us opening our hearts to one another as brothers and sisters and practicing the foundational message of all faiths, “love thy neighbor as thyself.” Sadly, many have forgotten this essential message. May these days of remembrance reawaken what our forefathers and foremothers taught us. May we once again take ownership of the well being of one-another.

As someone who finds deeper meaning in words, I look at “ownership” and realize that if you remove the letters “n” and “r” we arrive at “oneship”. This represents both the oneness of all humanity and our beautiful Earth, the “one ship” we are all sailing on. We have the choice of sailing or sinking together. May our love set the course for smooth sailing into a future where we truly see each other as one.