Light Show – How This Amazing Photo Came To Be

Original image from 35mm film negative.

In 2000, I gave a lecture at an adult education class in Valley Stream, New York, assisted by my fellow Reiki Masters Jill Bauman and Maureen DiLorenzo and Jill’s daughter, Tara, a Reiki Practitioner.

It was part of a series on psychic development, hosted by Queens Psychic Club founder and president, Bob Cecilio, and my lecture covered Reiki and other forms of energy healing. One of the exercises I conduct in these classes is about sensing the energy field.

I believe it is important for people to find their own way of “knowing” the energy field as something that is tangible either through touch, sight, intuitively or a combination of these senses. In my demonstration, I sat and began to meditate while focusing my energy field upward and forward. The students are invited to attempt seeing the field or to come up and use their hands to feel the energy.

Most students are amazed and delighted the first time they have this experience. The events of this class proved to be more amazing than usual.

A number of the students felt an intense amount of heat and tingling as they approached me. One women said she felt as if I was vibrating as she walked into the field. Another woman, experienced in seeing auras, said she saw a very intense field around me. Jill had her camera there and took a series of photos of the event. What developed on one of them was completely unexpected.

I received an email from Jill two days after the class with a remarkable file attached. The file was a scan of one of the photos she took that night and it showed a burst of energy that seemed to be originating at my heart chakra and radiating out to the shoulders and down to the solar plexus.

I called Jill and asked her about the rest of the pictures. She said none of the other photos had any abnormalities and that this picture was the tenth frame in the roll with normal frames before and after.

She double checked the negative to make sure that the image was on the original film, and it was. What was even more astounding was what happened after she started experimenting with the image in Photoshop™.

Original image filtered with Photoshop ™

While adjusting the hue control, she removed a lot of the glare and the resulting image showed a distinct pattern in the center of the energy. I leave the interpretation of that pattern to you, dear reader, and to those who I believe will be inspired by this image.

Those of us who have studied metaphysics or have been on a spiritual path for a while have come to the understanding that there are no accidents or coincidences. Everything happens for a reason and that reason is the unfolding of our growth and development.

I believe that this photo is a message meant to inspire others on the healing and energy path and to be a catalyst to those who need to “see it to believe it.” If one person who sees this picture is opened to healing and discovery, it has served its purpose and since they say “one picture is worth a thousand words,” I will spare you more of mine and let you ponder its mystery, beauty and message.

It remains one of my favorite images.